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In the #Minervois you should drink traditional!

A nice red wine in the glass, which illuminates the table, a succulent pork roast with fried potatoes and green beans, some pleasant guests ... It is Sunday 12:30, please have a seat! A wonderfull tradition for which even time seems to stop for a few hours to sit down with us at the table.

Pierre Cros Minervois Tradition

The Cuvée of Pierre Cros, simply called “tradition”, is a perfect match for these moments. Made mainly from Carignan and Grenache grapes, as the tradition in the Minervois just pretends, as well as a little Cinsault and Syrah, it turns out to be a true Sunday lunch wine. Fruity as you want it to be, spicy as it should be, with gentle tanin structur and crisp acidity refreshing the palate. At the end, the scent of hazelnuts and pineapple is surprising, which definitely settles the wine into the “special wines” category and also confirms that the Minervois is a great wine-growing region and the duo Carignan-Grenache remains unbeatable.

A wine that pleases to everyone at any time, on Sunday, as well as on other weekdays.

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