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Restaurant Le Pastis in #Montpellier - let’s talk about it again...

It’s a true love story that connects us to this restaurant. Over the last few years, we have always returned here with joy and every time we were surprised again by the composition of the menu, the quality of the ingredients, as well as the fine, intelligent cuisine. Being surprised again and again, isn’t this the basic requirement for a long lasting relationship?

Restaurant Le Pastis à Montpellier

On our last visit, we even had a double surprise. The entire restaurant has undergone a successful relooking and has also expanded as an adjoining former art gallery was taken over and merged with the historic restaurant. New, modern tables and chairs, handmade fabulous ceiling lights, as well as bowls and napkin rings carved by a real craftsman of sycamore wood. Clear, pure lines, very pleasing to the eye.

On the table just as much joy and precision as always, such as with a hors d’œuvre of anchovies on celery and puff pastry with olive puree. This culinary kick-off is followed by a soup of grilled bread with an emulsion of old Rodez, a cheese from the Aveyron, and a hint of chive oil. After this, place for the sea, with a fillet of mullet with raw kohlrabi on a little buckwheat tartlet with fresh herb sauce and caviar lemon. A true explosion of taste when the small, fresh pearls burst on the palate! But that is not all! The emotion rises to its climax with the perfectly cooked veal with a black olive-liquorice-coffee puree (just amazing!), with fried fennel, mustard leaves and a fresh cottage cheese with peanuts and black cumin.

We have only one thing left to say: keep it going! Rendez-vous in a few years to celebrate golden wedding!

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