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Rhone valley wine week at Shanghai Expo

From july 20th to july 25th the wines from the rhone valley will be presented at the pavilion of the Rhone Alpes Region at the world expo in Shanghai.

Every day, basic wine tastings are organized for wine lovers, while wine professionals can assist to expert tastings to discover taste and characteristics from both norther and southern rhone wines.
The tastings, organized by Inter Rhone, will be held in english (and translated into chinese) by two lecturers from the french Wine University of Suze-la-Rousse.
During the day, Côtes du Rhone and Rhone Valley wines can also be discovered in the wine bar of the pavilion.

Rhône-Alpes Pavilion : seeking happiness

An efficient energy and sustainable homeland in the urban environment

The case is based on INEED, a building selected in Valence in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, which showcases economic innovations and a sustainable environment, and is widely reputed for its high quality of work/life balance.

The building’s designers incorporated state of the art energy-efficient utilities and environment-friendly materials to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor air quality, making it a standard of eco-building in the Rhône-Alpes region.

Urban Case Highlights

The 4-story Rhône-Alpes Pavilion introduces a series of split-level designs that carry the visual perspective in a vertical direction. Visitors can walk freely and access all floors in the pavilion. In addition to the exhibition area, there will be a business center, a gastronomic restaurant and a famous French culinary school (Paul Bocuse) in the building. The pavilion will be decorated differently throughout the day in order to vary its image and in the evening special illumination systems will be used to create numerous lighting effects.

The pavilion will be built with innovative natural building materials made from recyclable calcined clay to keep energy consumption to a minimum while providing a comfortable environment in terms of temperature, humidity, light and sound effects. Updated information on energy use of the building will also be publicized during the exposition.

A planted rooftop functions to purify the air, regulate temperature, add coolness in summer, and ensure quick drainage during rainstorms. The tap water in the pavilion is drinkable. Here, visitors can enjoy clean and pure water and air and get away from urban noise.

At the front entrance there will be a mud wall made from blended soils from both France and China. A group of rose experts in the Rhône-Alpes region have also designed a rose garden to be planted in front of the pavilion. Visitors will experience the romantic feeling of France through the delicate fragrance.

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