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THE VERY FIRST CARIGNAN DAY - Article by André Dominé, Weinwirtschaft 7/12

By André Dominé for Weinwirtschaft

The whole idea was coined by the German oenologist Sebastian Nickel, who; did his study at Montpellier where he runs the Vin Parleur Agency (

After having fixed the date of the event on February 29, he organized the meeting of Carignan – producers at the Domaine Pierre Cros, Badens in the Minervois. Cros himself is bottling pure Carignan since 1997 from a vineyard planted in 1905, and was offering an up-line selection of his Minervois Vieille Vigne from 1999 to 2011.

Carignanday Pierre Cros

Preferentially fermented by carbonic maceration and ripened in older oak barrels, the grape type has shown its considerable potential for ageing and preservation. as the 1999 selection showed to be the most attractive one besides the promising 2007. […]

Carignanday Weinwirtschaft 7-12

The Roussillon has been reperesented by the journalist and passionate promotor of Carignan Michel Smith ( Together with five friends he saved one hectar of old Carignan at Tresserre, out of which he wins Puch, a personal interpretation of this grape type, characterizing it as lush, crackling (crunchy?), stimulating and to be served fresh. Being denominated as honorary president for the second Carignan Day, the meeting in 2013 should become even more important.

Already now everyone was fascinated to experience the possible varieties of Carignan wines, some of them being reds of amazingly high class.

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