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The wines of Château du Cèdre and their characters – Chapter II : The one that will seduce you

Regardless to the vintage, you will be able to recognize each cuvee by its typical taste, as each one has created a distinct identity with the help of its terroir. An identity and a style that has strengthened over time, certainly due to the fact that we continuously reduce the application of sulphur in the winery.

Château du Cèdre Cahors - Cuvée Le Cèdre

Le Cèdre Cahors 2014
A real lady, born out of the love between Malbec and Cahors, which has enough sophistication to shine on all the tables of the world. Her character is rich enough to surprise you at every event, whether it’s big or small, intimate or festive, traditional or creative. Being a lover of fine food, she doesn’t claim a lot however. Give her time and some space, as well as careful cooking and she will reveal all her secrets.

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