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#Vermentino - Our grape variety of the month.


It’s a rather secret variety, this Vermentino. Originally from Malvasia, it first travelled to the vineyards of Madeira and Spain before conquering Corsica, Sardinia and Italy. Beyond Corsica. Traditionally it makes part of the white grape varieties in Provence under the name Rolle, and for many years is silently spreading out into further French wine regions around the Mediterranean. It can be found in Portugal and even in California, where its plantation has been authorized since 2001. Today’s global surface of Vermentino is estimated to some 7500 hectares.

Its berries are relatively large and provide juicy, bold and refreshing wines with multiple flavors: apples, almonds, white flowers, lemon peel, pineapple … just to name a few. As a late variety, it likes warm climates and tolerates seeking for full maturity without losing its acidity and without becoming heavy. Fresh and aromatic when used alone, it is also an excellent grape for blends, especially in combination with Grenache Blanc, Ugni Blanc or Picpoul.

Beyond its many advantages as a grape for wine making, the size of the berries and the amount of juice and flavors also make it an excellent table grape. Nothing better than having a morning snack in the vineyards at the end of August with fresh bread, a piece of Cantal cheese and some freshly picked bunches of Vermentino …

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